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Our Passion:
"To create and bring to
the market place new inventions
that enhance green living."


Amanzi Products

for automatic toilet flushing with rainwater.

Green Planet Dreams has created the first device in the nation that collects rainwater and connects to the toilet for toilet flushing with rainwater.  We call this technology the Amanzi System.  

The Amanzi line of rainwater collection products are:
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Gravity fed
  • Extremely low maintenance and
  • Easy to camouflage with landscaping and paint.
Each installation saves an enormous amount of high quality potable water with a minimal investment without loss to your quality of life.  Use the same amount of water but replace toilet water with rainwater saving gallon for gallon and thousands of gallons a year per person.

You can see the Amanzi Products and place an order on the next tab called "Amanzi Products".
The tab called "Rainwater Accessories" displays rainwater collection accessories from around the world.  We use these same products in our installations and offer them here for your convenience.  Don't buy inferior products when you can buy these certified and well tested products.  They are made by reliable manufacturers with decades of experience and research in rainwater harvesting.

If you want to know more about collecting rainwater in general and why it benefits all of us, read the summary under the "Why Collect Rainwater?" tab. 

We offer our Amanzi line of products to the green community as our first invention that enhances green living.   We market the Amanzi products to support our research in other new green discoveries.  Any purchase from our website thus contributes directly to green research.  Green Planet Dreams is currently working on an inexpensive source of green electricity.   Sales greatly helps to speed up our efforts, discoveries and implementation.  If you would like to make a donation to help in any of our efforts or sponsor a project, please contact us or use this button below.  Any contribution will be appreciated and helpful.


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